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Energy Audits

Telex UK is able to offer a broad range of energy audits specifically tailored to your requirements, which may include:-

  • Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) compliance
  • Benchmarking of current energy performance
  • Identifying cost savings
  • Prioritising investment
  • Identifying where renewable energy can be effectively integrated so as to contribute to your energy supply requirements

Our approach consistently combines an appropriate blend of:

(Fresh, honest approach – friendly, not uptight)

  • Technical expertise
  • Rigorous analysis
  • Commercial-focus

Our reports guide the reader through:

  • How much energy they consume and its associated cost
  • Where energy is consumed and the opportunities to reduce consumption
  • How much can be saved and what it will cost
  • Clear recommendations and the optimal benefits they deliver

Many businesses still consider energy consumption and costs as fixed overheads. In most cases the output from our energy audit process will identify annual savings in the range of 15 – 20%, from a combination of no cost, low cost and capital investment opportunities, albeit delivering a compelling Return on Investment (ROI).

Whether your organisation is a newcomer to the world of energy saving or considers itself proficient in the art, we are confident that our approach and expertise will yield opportunities to permanently reduce energy consumption and costs.

Monitoring Usage

We strongly believe in helping our customers to clearly understand their energy consumption, enabling them to:

  • Identify where their energy is being used and make the greatest savings at the lowest cost
  • Prompt corrective action through real time alerts
  • Engage users in proactive energy management to lower consumption thus reducing costs

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