Our Clarify and Complete Team allows Telex UK to deliver operational excellence
for our customers, partners and suppliers.

Clarify and Complete

Delivering the highest attention to detail across all stages of the customer journey means that we get things done right the first time, saving unnecessary hassle, frustration and wasted time for all. 

It’s important that we deliver correct and accurate information to our suppliers and providers, so we can deliver the following at the highest standards for our customers and in the most efficient way.

Contract Live Rate

Our Contract Live rate is 98% or above, which is one of the highest within the industry. 

All energy contracts have a transfer window or renewal window that must be adhered to, to ensure that any new or renewed supply contract can begin on the correct start date. By getting this right, we can avoid any costly out of contract rates being incurred by the customer and a “gap” being created between the new and old contract. 

Change of Tenancy

When moving in or out of a premise it’s essential to provide the correct information to a supplier for both the incoming and outgoing tenant or owner, as extra costs can be incurred if this is not completed within the right timeframe. 

We will liaise with suppliers on a daily basis to ensure that this process can be completed in the most efficient way possible. 

Contract Processing

Validation and confirmation of information is key when making sure a supplier will accept a new contract. 

We check through every detail of an energy contract, just as the supplier would, to ensure we minimise additional information requirements from customers or suppliers and the contract is processed without unnecessary delay.

Confirmation of Correct Consumption

Confirming that we have the correct consumption for a meter is important, to ensure the supplier can offer the most competitive price. 

We check consumption data regularly to also ensure accurate billing and for support with energy management. 

Paige Chandler

Head of Clarify and Complete

The best thing I have found since being with the company is the people and caring approach from the directors, also the free snacks are always a winner.  In my short time at Telex I have made a lasting impact to the business hence why I have been recently promoted to manage the Clarify and Complete team, I take great pride in my team and the work we do within the business. I am relentless in striving to be the best version of me and helping others around achieve the same.