The most certain way to reduce energy costs is to use less of it. 

Monitor & Manage

Telex UK’s highly experienced Monitor & Manage team helps our customers to better understand how and where they are using energy,  working with customers  to find and implement the most cost effective solutions to reduce energy usage and spend.


Many businesses still consider energy consumption and costs as fixed overheads. In most cases the output from an energy audit process performed by one of our highly experienced Chartered Energy Manager can identify annual savings of around 10 – 20%, from a combination of no cost, low cost and capital investment opportunities. 

We are also able to deliver a wide range of specialised reporting including ESOS and SECR

Monitoring Usage

By identifying how, where and what energy is being used, we help customers make the greatest savings at the lowest cost and take prompt corrective action through real time alerts.  Couple this with a programme of engaging users in proactive energy management, we can help reduce consumption and lower cost.

Telex Insight

We put the power in customer's hands by giving them access to our Insight platform.  The online tool tracks your usage across all sites and creates reporting that gives valuable insight into your energy usage and costs.  You can also view the Telex Insight energy dashboard on any device, at any time with a fully mobile solution.

Voltage Optimisation & Power Factor Correction

Voltage Optimisation can resolve the issue of excessive supply voltage by reducing it close to the optimum level, reducing overall consumption and ultimately cost. Power Factor Correction helps improve the % of power actually used from the power paid for, thus improving the value of money of the power consumed.


Telex UK offers a full end-to-end service for customer's lighting requirements, supported by finance options from trusted partners. Delivering bespoke solutions to maximise ongoing savings and deliver a good ROI.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) & Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

We use well established and highly acclaimed experts to deliver a comprehensive, end to end solution including surveying, design and installation, project management and audit, ongoing maintenance, insurance, funding and finance options.

Telex Insights

Our fully Intuitive dashboard helps you to understand your energy performance in seconds, on any device.  Dynamic reporting means you can control exactly what information you want to see, and our expert team can help you set up the right reports for your business – giving you instant insight into your energy costs and preventing any bill shocks.

Mike Hendy

Head of Monitor and Manage

I am delighted to be Head of the Monitor and Manage team at Telex UK.  Over the last 10 years I have worked extensively across the energy industry – delivering innovative energy solutions such as energy audits, compliance checks and reporting, monitoring and controls to solar installations and many more.  All of these have delivered reductions in energy usage, carbon and costs for companies across the UK. I love the ethos at Telex and the great working environment.