Our successful Agency Development Scheme allows you to become the chairman of your own business!

Benefits of the Telex Agency Channel

Our unique and highly successful Agency Development Scheme gives ambitious individuals within the energy industry a comprehensive package of support to start and grow their own energy businesses with the ability to offer an incredible range of products and services to their customers.

The scheme includes the following:


A range of financial support

To cover overheads and the first six months of income

Access to a wide range of energy suppliers

That provide a diverse mix of contract options

A comprehensive range of energy management services

Provided by our Monitor & Manage team

Outstanding operational excellence

Via our Clarify & Complete team, whose amazing attention to detail and continued support delivers a 97% live rate

IT support

Including all equipment and support software

Mentoring and ongoing business support

Personalised support from our Partner & Provide team and highly experienced Directors

And all the Bells and Whistles

We can make you stand out from the crowd by providing added value services that include usage monitoring portals, pricing tools and credit checking facilities to name a few

Tailor Made For You

Our packages of support can be tailor made to suit your business requirements and ambitions.

Before entering our scheme it is important that we first get to know you, your goals, ethos and experience, so both parties can be confident that the right level of support can be made available to deliver success

Having The Right Ethos

Telex UK is a customer centric business and as such we work closely with our suppliers, partners and colleagues to deliver the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. This way of working is embodied in our Love & Loyalty team. 

We will only offer individuals who are fully aligned with our ethics and values, the opportunity to join the Agency Development Scheme.

Helping You Every Step Of The Way

Setting up your own business can seem daunting but we will always be there to provide guidance and support as you embark on your journey to success,

Our unrivalled model helps you to get started without the worry of administrative or operational costs, whilst providing mentorship, financial backing and advice, as well as helping you to bring customers on board under your own brand and having full access to a wide range of suppliers and energy management tools.

Delivering a genuine partnership between your business and Telex UK.

Stacy Hudson

Head of (Agency) Partner & Provide

I joined Telex in February 2019 on the Admin team after 3 years in the industry, and recently transitioned to the Partner & Provide team, so I could learn about another area of the business. I love a challenge, which is why I was placed as Head of the Partner & Provide team, as I had a real enthusiasm for the role. I know it’s cliché, but I love working at Telex because we really are like a family. I would say I’m the geek of the team as my passions are Twilight and The Sims! In my spare time, I’m training towards getting a higher rank in kick boxing, attending the gym and I am also a proud mother of one.