A little bit about us...

Telex UK is a uniquely customer centric energy consultancy. Our much-loved quality of service is unrivalled within the industry.

We make “Business Energy Simple” for our customers and we continue to disrupt the market with our proactive approach to help our customers drive efficiencies in the way they use energy, as well as reduce the cost they pay at source.

Adam Zeiderman

Managing Director/Founder

Previously the Founder of Sainsbury’s Energy

“As a founder of Sainsbury’s Energy, I soon realised that energy had been made unnecessarily complicated for consumers.

It soon became apparent that this complexity also existed in the business energy market, with many organisations frustrated with the congested and unregulated broker market – it was time for a change!

Telex UK was created to deliver ‘Business Energy made Simple’ for our customers and our focus always remains on delivering great customer service whilst keeping costs low.”

Gemma Bond


Energy Consultancy Growth Specialist

“I’ve worked in the energy industry for over 15 years, and have seen for myself how many energy consultancies fail to put the customer at the heart of what they do.

I was determined to create a company that could really help and support businesses with their energy needs, by delivering honest advice, real market insight and a truly customer centric approach.

Adam’s ‘customer is king’ retail mindset really aligned with mine, and creating Telex UK was the natural next step – we’re incredibly proud to have built a consultancy that makes a genuine difference to business energy users, supporting customers through the lifetime of their contract (and not just at sign-up!) and helping them to better manage and reduce their energy costs.”

Our Team

Gemma Massey

Head of Analyse and Advise

My journey with Telex began in 2016 as their Recruitment Partner and I helped them to find the same people who I now work with today, I knew I wanted to work at Telex because it was such a vibrant, forward thinking business that really do put their staff and customers at the heart of what they do which is important.

Paige Chandler

Head of Clarify & Complete

In my short time at Telex I have made a lasting impact to the business hence why I have been recently promoted to manage the Clarify and Complete team. I take great pride in my team and the work we do within the business. I am relentless in striving to be the best version of me and helping others around achieve the same.

Stacy Hudson

Head of Partner & Provide (Agency)

I joined Telex in February 2019 on the Admin team after 3 years in the industry, and recently transitioned to the Partner & Provide team, so I could learn about another area of the business. I love a challenge, which is why I was placed as Head of the Partner & Provide team, as I had a real enthusiasm for the role.

Lisa Todd

Head of Love & Loyalty

I have been with Telex from the start helping to support the business through its changes. I know that within this industry it’s not often that customers receive the level of care we give and I honestly couldn’t love my job more for that.


Head of Customer Satisfaction

Rex is in charge of our Customer Satisfaction. He loves sniffing out new deals for our Telex Treats programme, and hunting out new ways we can reward our customers!

Mike Hendy

Head of Monitor & Manage

I am delighted to be Head of the Monitor and Manage team at Telex UK. Over the last 10 years I have worked extensively across the energy industry – delivering innovative energy solutions such as energy audits, compliance checks and reporting, monitoring and controls to solar installations and many more.

Melissa smith

Head of Partner & Provide (referral)

Working within sales for over three decades gives you lots of experience in dealing with all types of people and businesses; I love to meet new people to see how we can share our knowledge and skills to create something special for our clients and theirs.


Chairman of his Own Agency

Parker is the Chairman of the first Agency that Telex supported!

Suzanne Sugden

Partnership Development Manager

I've been with the company 6 years now, starting in sales, moving to closing then helping to manage and support admin. I now find myself working with the partner channel and helping the growth of new (Agency) partners and developing the relationships of our current (Agency) partners which I love.