Our successful Partner Referral Scheme allows individuals, companies and organisations to offer our services to their customers or other businesses they interact with.

Benefits of Partner and Provide:


A new revenue stream, as commissions are earned from all contracts and products sold.

Customer Loyalty

Improved customer stickiness, as customers have greater loyalty the more services they take from a business

Customer Satisfaction

Happy customers, as our outstanding service from our Love & Loyalty team will help to remove any frustrating billing or supply issues that can often occur

Protecting a partner’s brand and reputation is paramount. In fact, the partner scheme is ultimately designed to deliver brand enhancement to those we work with. 

Before starting to work with a partner we will first agree on strict protocols and spend time really understanding them and their values.

We have a range of options to suit our partner’s investment in time and brand preferences:

Branded / White Label

For companies that want to maintain full brand visibility, we offer a ‘white label solution’ that can be fully ‘white labelled’ with your brand – from end to end

Co -Branded

A shared branding that gives visibility of a third party service provider

Unbranded or Telex UK brand

For companies or individuals that want to enter the market using an already established and trusted brand.

Melissa Smith

Head of (Referals), Partner and Provide

Working within sales for over three decades gives you lots of experience in dealing with all types of people and businesses; I love to meet new people to see how we can share our knowledge and skills to create something special for our clients and theirs. As Southern Girl originally from Bedfordshire after moving here in 2017 I am always finding new Geordie words to entertain myself in the office and often take them home to my husband who also finds it very amusing how much we still have to learn about our new wonderful hometown.