A central part of our customer experience is the Love and Loyalty we give to our customers.

Our Love & Loyalty Team will hold your hand throughout the lifetime of your supply contract, always on hand to answer questions and provide support with any issues that might arise.

Here are just some of the many great added value services we provide:

Account Management & Liaising with Suppliers

We take the hassle out of dealing with any billing, metering or other issues our customers may need to contact their supplier for. We will ascertain what the issue is and make sure that we work with the supplier to resolve it as quickly and efficiently as possible, meaning that our customers can carry on running their business and not waste time dealing with their energy supplier. 

Smart / AMR Meter Installation & Meter Read Service

We only want our customers to pay for what they use! To try and get rid of estimated bills we will, where possible and practical, get a Smart Meter or AMR (Automatic Meter Reader) fitted. 

However, if for any reason they can’t or don’t want to have one fitted, then they don’t need to worry as we can put them onto our Meter Read Service, where we contact each customer monthly for a live read and log this with the supplier on their behalf.

Bill Validation

Checking bills is our thing, so don’t worry as we have it covered. After getting the right permission, we can get a customer's bill directly from the supplier for each billing period and check them to make sure they are in line with the agreed charges.

First Bill Service

We know that most billing errors happen when a business moves from one supplier to another – which can cause discrepancies with usage flows or meter reads between the outgoing and new supplier. We take preventive measures by always taking a meter read on the day that our customer goes live with their new supplier – completely removing the risk of any initial billing errors.

New Connections and Change Of Tenancy

We will provide assistance with new meter installations , liaising between the customer and/or their contractor and suppliers to ensure that new meters are installed and suitable supply contracts are set up and agreed by the required date.

We will also manage Change of Tenancies (COTs) to ensure no over charges when a customer ceases to be responsible for a meter and to minimise any potential additional costs taking over a new site or meter

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Love and Loyalty

I am told I am the mummy of the office, being the head of Love and loyalty team might be because of all the hugs I give everyone in the office on a daily basis. I have been with Telex from the start helping to support the business through its changes. I know that within this industry it’s not often that customers receive the level of care we give and I honestly couldn’t love my job more for that, the Love and Loyalty Team is the gooey bit of the business bit like a warm chocolate brownie you could live without it but life wouldn’t really be the same.