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Voltage Optimisation

What is Voltage Optimisation and why consider it?

Voltage optimisation (VO) is an established technology in the UK and is intended to mitigate the problem that the UK National Grid typically supplies electricity at around 242 volts yet our electronic equipment is designed to work most effectively at a supply of around 220 volts.

Equipment receiving electricity at a higher voltage level is simply being over supplied and whilst it will still operate, it deals with this excess power supply by generating more heat or vibration. This wasted energy is costing the owner money and causing their equipment to wear out a lot faster than it should.

VO equipment is designed to rectify the situation of excessive supply voltage by reducing it close to the optimum level.  Thus reducing voltage, consumption and ultimately cost. When correctly designed and deployed it will provide an excellent means of delivering long term energy savings and an attractive return on investment.

Having completed a simple initial assessment, it is generally possible to determine suitability for VO as a suitable energy saving technique for a site and an indicative payback period/ROI.

For suitable sites in order to develop a robust business case, we will carry out:

  • Detailed site survey
  • Voltage and load profile data logging
  • Analysis and any other aspects required

We believe it is imperative that suitability is correctly assessed as per our approach. Ensuring that recipients of the systems we design, supply and install are delighted with the performance and results they achieve.

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