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But I don’t want to change supplier

You don’t have to change supplier. We can work with your current supplier and may be able to secure a better deal for you, without you needing to switch!


I don’t have any copies of bills and not sure when I am due any

Having copies of bills would be a big help, but we can work around it if you don’t have them handy. We’ll take a photo of your meter, including the meter serial number, which we can use to get the information we need from your supplier. We’ll use the Letter of Authority in order to do this, and it may take slightly longer, but we’ll get it done!


I’ve only just moved in and have no idea who my supplier is or anything

Obviously, it’s important for you to know who your supplier is and if you’ve just moved into the premises, it’s possible that you are on an expensive, variable rate tariff. We can work with you to make sure that your supply arrangements are properly organised. The longer you wait to sort this out, the greater the risk of you paying up to 40% more than you need to.


How much is this going to cost me?

All of our services are offered at no cost to you. We receive a finder’s fee from your supplier when we renew your contract or secure you a better deal with a new supplier.


My contracts not due yet

You don’t need to wait until your contract ends to get a great deal for your next contract. In most cases, it’s advisable to get prices for your next contract once you’re within the last 12 months of your existing deal. The new contract won’t start until your current deal expires, but you’ll secure today’s best rates and make sure you’re not punished when prices rise!


I have a broker

That’s great! If you’ve worked with a broker in the past you’ll hopefully have had a good experience. We’re confident we can do just as good a job, if not better, finding you the best deal for your next contract. On top of that, you’ll benefit from Telex Treats and all the discounts and perks available.


What if I fix now and market drops

It’s highly unlikely that the market will drop to such an extent that fixing your rates isn’t the right decision for you. However, if you don’t want to take that risk we can negotiate a flexible contract which allows you to take advantage of any drop in the market.