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Following English deregulation in April 2017 there is now an open market for water and wastewater services for non-household premises in England and Scotland.


Meaning businesses are no longer tied to their local water and wastewater providers and now have the freedom to get a better deal elsewhere.


Telex UK’s retail partnership, allows us to provide customers with new water contracts and services, including metering, billing, efficiency support and customer care.


To help keep things simple, Telex UK has put together the following facts about the new water market and how we can help you:


Fact 1

As of April 2017 the water market effectively allows businesses within England and Scotland to choose who they use for water and wastewater services for their sites.


Fact 2

All water retailers are NOT the same and despite being a new marketplace there are already differences in tariffs, customer services and water efficiency support.


Fact 3

If you haven’t arranged a contract since April 2017 for your sites in England then because of market deregulation they will currently be on a default rate. As every business was placed onto a default business tariff, to open up the market and give customers the freedom to be contracted to the retailer of their choice.


If you haven’t arranged a contract since deregulation then call Telex UK on 0191307000 as it is likely that you are paying more than you could be.


Fact 4

It’s easy to get a water and wastewater contract. All Telex UK need is a full copy of a recent water and wastewater bill.

We will then present you with a comparison between your new and old prices so you can make an informed decision.

Telex UK will then seamlessly manage the move to the chosen retailer.


Fact 5

No need for any new meters to be fitted or pipes to be dug up.

Don’t worry when moving to a new contract your supply will not be disrupted.


Fact 6

With Telex UK you will receive Online Account Management and will be able to arrange a consolidated bill if you are a multi-site business, for both water and wastewater.


Fact 7

You don’t have to commit to a long-term contract. Telex UK can offer you a monthly rolling contract.

Trust us to make things simple, talk to Telex UK about water today.

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