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Our Partnership Scheme

As part of our growth model, we have now successfully launched a partnership scheme that allows individuals, companies and organisations to offer our services to businesses they know or have as customers. With the benefits to our partners being:

  • A new revenue stream, as commission is earned from all contracts and products sold
  • Improved customer stickiness, as customers have greater loyalty the more services they take.
  • Happy customers, as our acclaimed “Peace Of Mind” service package, will really help remove a lot of their energy management frustration.


Protecting a partner’s brand and reputation is paramount. In fact, the partner scheme is ultimately designed to deliver brand enhancement.


Before starting to work with a partner we will first agree on strict protocols and spend time really understanding them and their brand values.


We have a range of partner options to suit our partner’s investment in time and brand preferences.

  • BRANDED / White Label – For companies that want to retain full visibility in front of their customers, we will fulfil sales by acting as their company.
  • CO-BRANDED – For companies that want their brand to be visible, but at the same time retain some distance between themselves and the service provision we run a co-branded partner service.
  • UNBRANDED- For companies that want to enter the energy market with total discretion, services are provided through our own branded energy company.

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